Build your career at Bolt

What Bolt makes: Better-than-Amazon checkout experience for the rest of the internet, with zero fraud and frictionless payments.


General Atlantic, Westcap, Tribe Capital

Reasons to apply

1. Bolt is an incredible place for personal growth.

You’ll have the opportunity to pursue outsized responsibility, scale rapidly and have an opportunity to work with mentors, advisors, coaches, and leaders with amazing backgrounds and experiences from Twitter, Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Slack to name a few.

2. The team is uniquely determined and ambitious.

We take pride in our diverse team of innovators, entrepreneurs and executors. We’re a passionate group of individuals that challenge you to think deeply and encourage you to build meaningful interactions. Get to know them:

3. The product resonates.

A big challenge retailers face is getting online shoppers to complete a transaction once they’ve initiated the checkout process. Unfortunately, nearly 70% of the time, they don’t, and it’s getting expensive for retailers to figure out how to capture every customer.

That’s why we built Bolt. Our powerful, market leading API technology is empowering leading retail brands to compete in the digital world like never before with a one click checkout - a better than Amazon like experience for independent retailers on the web, with zero fraud and payments built-in.

4. The opportunity is immense.

We just closed our Series C funding and have raised over $215M to date. We are backed by the industries best from General Atlantic, Westcap, Tribe Capital, Founders Fund, Stanford, the founders of Oculus, the ex CFO of AirBnB and Blackstone, the ex President of Tesla and COO of Lyft, the ex COO of Venmo, and many more.

It’s the right time to be part of the shift to ecommerce. In the US alone, ecommerce penetration has risen from 17% to 27% since stay at home orders were put into place in 2020. Before that it had taken roughly 10 years to grow from 6% to 16%.

5. How to know if Bolt is right for you:

If you are craving to be on a founding team of ~50 Engineers and Bolt’s strong culture (trust your gut, hard work sets us apart, ownership leads to impact, honesty and candor drive growth) resonates with you, come talk to us today.


Good financial odds

  • Most pre-traction startups fail. And stagnant companies may be a long way away from an exit.

  • Breakout companies have a reasonably assured financial outcome - the question is more ‘how big’ and less ‘will there be an exit’.

  • Having a stock option payday can shift your trajectory for the rest of your life.

Get a win on your record

  • Startups that fail don’t look great on your record.

  • Having a breakout company on your resume instantly gives you a permanent source of credibility.

  • This reputational effect turns out to be beneficial in access to opportunities, funding and networks.


Promotion and experience opportunities

  • When companies are very early stage, or very late stage, or otherwise not growing, the opportunities are limited.

  • At a breakout company, there’s lots of stuff that needs doing and lots of opportunities for promotion.

  • Build lucrative skills, and take a shortcut to valuable experience.

Build a great network

  • At late stage companies, the core founding team is buried under layers of employees. And at pre-traction startups, the odds of failure limit your ability to build a good network. At larger public companies, the team members will be more risk averse and unambitious.

  • At a breakout company, the founding team will be accessible and can become part of your permanent tribe. Plus, once there’s an exit, there’ll be a large group of wealthy, smart, ambitious, skilled people that want to work with you.

  • So you’ll have great peers that will be with you for life, making it easier to join or found successful companies in the future and get access to hidden opportunities.


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