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What Gem makes: Recruiting software and talent CRM.


Accel, Greylock

Reasons to apply

1. Customers who love us

Go ask any recruiter — they couldn’t imagine doing their job without Gem. Recruiters spend hours a day in our product, and they’ll tell you that there’s something different about Gem compared to any software they’ve used before.

Most startups fail because they never build something customers want. If you could see yourself starting a company one day, or are passionate about building a product people actually use, Gem is one of the best places to learn how. Our secret sauce? Engineers work directly with our customers and our world-class Sales and go-to-market team to get signal from the market, shorten the product iteration cycle, and build a product the world’s best recruiting teams love to use.

2. Super strong team

Before starting Gem, our founding/engineering team worked on products like Facebook Messenger, Uber Freight, and Sharing and Paper at Dropbox. Our Sales and go-to-market team is rich with industry expertise from companies like LinkedIn and AppDynamics.

We’re proudest of what we accomplish together and we go the extra mile to help our teammates succeed. If you want to learn what it takes to build the businesses of the future, you’ll find an amazing set of mentors, coaches, and leaders here.

3. Greenfield Opportunity

Ask any founder or VC — recruiting a high quality team is the most important factor in any company’s success. Gem enables the world’s fastest growing and most innovative companies — like Shopify, Snap, Pinterest, Slack, Robinhood, Asana, Brex, and more— to hire their teams.

Gem is special because it’s built from the ground up for outbound recruiting, modeled after what’s been built up in sales and marketing. Today, competition for talent is as fierce as competition for customers, and recruiting teams put most of their time and energy into engaging candidates before they apply. Gem automates and tracks all of this outbound activity and gives talent leaders an unprecedented end-to-end view of their recruiting funnels.

We’ve only just scratched the surface of what can be built in this space, so you’ll find endless opportunities to exercise your product thinking and create value for recruiters and candidates alike. Recruiting is a massive industry ($250B+) that hasn’t yet found its Salesforce, and right now our biggest competitor is Excel.

4. Rapid Growth

With such a huge opportunity at our fingertips, we believe in moving quickly. We get scrappy, take calculated risks, and ship early and often so we can land in as many companies as possible.

As we rapidly scale up our business, we love folks who aren’t afraid to try new things and operate with autonomy. You’ll be actively encouraged to grow new skills and contribute your voice to the decisions we make as a business. Your growth is our growth, so we make a point of investing in it.

5. Diversity

Diversity has been one of our core values from the beginning. Our customers use Gem to build diverse and fair talent pipelines, so it’s business-critical for us to have a diverse team that can build the right product and be a model for the whole industry to follow. We work hard to hire underrepresented people in tech and create an equitable and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

6. Next steps

We encourage you to read more about What It’s Like to Work at Gem and check out our open roles. If you see something that interests you and you align with our values (Customer-Centricity, Diversity, Transparency, and Velocity), please apply!


Good financial odds

  • Most pre-traction startups fail. And stagnant companies may be a long way away from an exit.

  • Breakout companies have a reasonably assured financial outcome - the question is more ‘how big’ and less ‘will there be an exit’.

  • Having a stock option payday can shift your trajectory for the rest of your life.

Get a win on your record

  • Startups that fail don’t look great on your record.

  • Having a breakout company on your resume instantly gives you a permanent source of credibility.

  • This reputational effect turns out to be beneficial in access to opportunities, funding and networks.


Promotion and experience opportunities

  • When companies are very early stage, or very late stage, or otherwise not growing, the opportunities are limited.

  • At a breakout company, there’s lots of stuff that needs doing and lots of opportunities for promotion.

  • Build lucrative skills, and take a shortcut to valuable experience.

Build a great network

  • At late stage companies, the core founding team is buried under layers of employees. And at pre-traction startups, the odds of failure limit your ability to build a good network. At larger public companies, the team members will be more risk averse and unambitious.

  • At a breakout company, the founding team will be accessible and can become part of your permanent tribe. Plus, once there’s an exit, there’ll be a large group of wealthy, smart, ambitious, skilled people that want to work with you.

  • So you’ll have great peers that will be with you for life, making it easier to join or found successful companies in the future and get access to hidden opportunities.


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