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What Vanta makes: Automated security and compliance readiness.


YC, Sequoia

Reasons to apply

1. Diversity of team, really:

We’re proud to be lead by our CEO and founder, Christina, for many reasons. Namely, she’s a champion of diversity, which shows in the representation across our team. We’re committed to building a team of people diverse in experience, race, gender-identification, sexual orientation, ability, and skills – and ensuring Vanta is an inclusive and supportive environment, too. While the work is never done, we’re proud of our progress so far: our team is > 50% women and non-binary folx and > 40% POC.

2. Early stage, but not for long:

We’re growing quickly and sustainably across our revenue goals, customers, and team of Vanta’ns. In our first year as a company, we became profitable, grew our business by 10x, and expanded our customer base from dozens to hundreds – meaning there are now thousands of individual Vanta users. We’ve held off on raising beyond our seed round simply because we can, and we’re proud to have grown by our own means so far. And while we started 2020 with 15 team members, we’ll head into 2021 with close to 75 Vanta’ns and are planning on tripling in 2021 – that could include you!

3. Exciting news for technical and go-to-market teams:

In our early days, we found clear product-market fit with growing technology companies. This makes our Sales and Marketing teams happy – they’re selling and marketing a product that’s a “must-have” for our customers with a clear value-proposition. Until very recently, we’ve had minimal competition and we remain the market leader in SOC-2 compliance software.

This clear product-market fit stems from a strong product, which is highly technical and fairly complex. This makes our Engineering and Product org happy as well – interesting technical challenges abound across our infrastructure, desktop application and agent, and our frontend web architecture.

4. A mission that resonates with many:

Don’t consider yourself a security-nut or a compliance-enthusiast? That’s fine, really. Our mission is to secure the internet and protect consumer data – and we’re certain that resonates with you as a human in 2020. What that mission means today: we built a suite of simple, effective, and easy-to-deploy tools for growing technology companies to help them achieve their security and compliance goals. By doing this, we’re helping companies:

  • Establish a strong and secure foundation from their early days
  • Build trust with (and expand) their customer base
  • Accelerate their growth and ability to move up-market (through meeting compliance standards that would otherwise block them)

Really, we help our customers with commonly held problems that previously haven’t had a great solution. This allows them to better help their customers, too!

5. Values-oriented company culture:

Regardless of the team you join, at Vanta, you can expect to care deeply about how your work impacts our customers and Vanta’s growth and strength as a business. We have a shared sense of ownership and empathy, which fuels our collaborative and transparent work culture. You’ll work with teammates outside of your own team, and have the chance to join in on (virtual) events such as lunch ‘n’ learns, Founder Q&A, trivia and game nights, fitness challenges, book clubs, and happy hours (for whatever your definition of “happy” is).

6. Meet our team:

Meet our team and read about why they chose to work at Vanta, why they’re excited about Vanta’s product, and more!

Ellen, Software Engineering

7. How to apply:

Explore next steps on our jobs page linked here.


Good financial odds

  • Most pre-traction startups fail. And stagnant companies may be a long way away from an exit.

  • Breakout companies have a reasonably assured financial outcome - the question is more ‘how big’ and less ‘will there be an exit’.

  • Having a stock option payday can shift your trajectory for the rest of your life.

Get a win on your record

  • Startups that fail don’t look great on your record.

  • Having a breakout company on your resume instantly gives you a permanent source of credibility.

  • This reputational effect turns out to be beneficial in access to opportunities, funding and networks.


Promotion and experience opportunities

  • When companies are very early stage, or very late stage, or otherwise not growing, the opportunities are limited.

  • At a breakout company, there’s lots of stuff that needs doing and lots of opportunities for promotion.

  • Build lucrative skills, and take a shortcut to valuable experience.

Build a great network

  • At late stage companies, the core founding team is buried under layers of employees. And at pre-traction startups, the odds of failure limit your ability to build a good network. At larger public companies, the team members will be more risk averse and unambitious.

  • At a breakout company, the founding team will be accessible and can become part of your permanent tribe. Plus, once there’s an exit, there’ll be a large group of wealthy, smart, ambitious, skilled people that want to work with you.

  • So you’ll have great peers that will be with you for life, making it easier to join or found successful companies in the future and get access to hidden opportunities.


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