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What Airkit makes: A no-code tool for enterprises to build customer workflows.
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Airkit is a team with high credibility, a high conviction vision for the future, and deep knowledge of the space.

The founders previously built RelateIQ, which sold to Salesforce. But now they're back at it. Many of the original RelateIQ team have joined Airkit, showing that the team believes in the founders and enjoyed the experience. They wanted to come back and work together again.

The product allows companies to build customer workflows (replacing poorly functioning forms, lengthy phone support back and forth conversations, and so on). Before Airkit, enterprise customers had a few suboptimal alternatives for doing this. They could hire engineers and do it themselves, which takes a lot of time and money. They could use consulting shops, which also takes a lot of time and money. Or they could hire more call center reps, which takes a lot of money and results in a sub par customer experience.

Airkit allows companies to build customer facing app-like workflows 40x faster. Customers love being able to build stuff fast.

But unlike many companies, it wasn't built as a feature first. It was built as a platform first, ground up. So they had to stay in stealth for 2 years, focused on building the product. This means there are interesting theoretical computer science aspects that you won't find at other product driven startups. It also means that Airkit focuses on doing things the right way.

The customers span a wide range of enterprise use cases. This means you get broad exposure to customers and their problems. You also get to touch a lot of different aspects of the product. So it's a good place for ambitious engineers who may want to start a company in the future.

The number of enterprise customers grew 4x over the last 12 months. And the average customer satisfaction score is 9.6/10. It's a good time to join.

The company has a strong demo culture, where people genuinely love building. There's also a strong team first mentality.

If Airkit resonates with you, we'd encourage you to reach out. They're hiring and the team will grow significantly this year.

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