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What Backbone makes: A device that turns your phone into a portable Xbox.
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Backbone is the closest thing to a portable Xbox. It’s a platform for game streaming and core gaming on mobile devices. You can plug a phone into a Backbone One and play top titles on the App Store and Apple Arcade. You can stream games through cloud gaming services like Xbox Game Pass, Nvidia Geforce Now, Amazon Luna, and Google Stadia. You can take your Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam games anywhere through remote play–an experience that’s even better on new consoles like the Xbox Series X and the PS5.

The product is epic. Both in terms of what's possible from a user perspective, and from a technical perspective of how it's implemented.

Revenue is significant and growing rapidly. Users love the product. Backbone is the #1 selling product in its category on Amazon, the Backbone app was top 10 in social on the App Store on Christmas day, Backbone was featured in the New York Times 2021 holiday gift guide right next to the Quest 2, and the product is rolling out throughout the world in retail stores.

If you have a builder mentality, would like to work on an interesting consumer product and collaborate with major gaming platforms like Xbox, we'd strongly suggest applying. Backbone needs more back-end engineers, mobile engineers, hardware engineers, product designers, and so on. If you've architected systems before yourself, that's a big plus. And know that Backbone has a high fidelity artisanal approach to user experience, so a craftsperson mindset is needed.

Speed and self motivation are critical. You need to be able to figure out what needs to be done, and do it.

If you join a company, my general advice is to join a company on a breakout trajectory.
Sam Altman
CEO at OpenAI, former President of Y Combinator
There are a bunch of great things that you get when you go to a younger, high-growth company.
Marc Andreessen
GP at Andreessen Horowitz, Co-founder of Netscape