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What Blend makes: Software for lenders to enable more efficient lending.
💻 Engineers, Product, Design
🏢 Midstage
💵 Salespeople


Founders Fund, Greylock, Temasek, General Atlantic, Coatue, Tiger Global, Canapi

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Opportunities for growth: Grew team from 450 to 625 in the past year.

Critical in the world of COVID: Several of Blend’s business lines are seeing significantly stronger demand in this environment, for example, the lower interest rates has caused a big refinance boom in the mortgage industry. Our software is helping banks and lenders deal with all that volume. Blend is hiring across all departments!

Investors include Founders Fund, Greylock, Temasek, General Atlantic, and Canapi. In early 2021 Blend announced they’d closed a $300 million Series G led by Coatue and Tiger Global.

If you’re interested in Blend, we’d recommend 1) watching this video about the family story of their CEO, Nima, 2) watching this video of their CEO on their recent fundraise, and 3) checking out this interview between Tim Mayopoulos, Blend’s President, and Jack Lew, former United States Treasury Secretary.

If you join a company, my general advice is to join a company on a breakout trajectory.
Sam Altman
CEO at OpenAI, former President of Y Combinator
There are a bunch of great things that you get when you go to a younger, high-growth company.
Marc Andreessen
GP at Andreessen Horowitz, Co-founder of Netscape