Grow Therapy

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What Grow Therapy makes: Allows therapists to launch their own in-network therapy practice.
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The world is shifting in the direction of professionals wanting to have their own businesses. Therapists are no different.

Therapists want an easy way to start their own practice, and to be able to be in network with many insurance providers.

That's what Grow Therapy provides. The product is loved by therapists - it allows them to launch their own practices and be accepted by insurance.

Grow Therapy has a very strong and fast growing business, and the founders and team are highly mission driven. They want to allow therapists to achieve their professional goals and launch their own thriving practices, while expanding access to affordable care.

Ultimately, making it easier for therapists to launch their own practices and be covered by insurance makes it easier for patients to find affordable therapists. Increasing access to affordable therapy is a primary motivator for the team.

Revenue growth is substantial and the business was only launched in 2020.

Grow Therapy is well suited for product focused engineers who can build things at all layers of the stack, and who want to be part of a tight knit highly collaborative team.

If you join a company, my general advice is to join a company on a breakout trajectory.
Sam Altman
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There are a bunch of great things that you get when you go to a younger, high-growth company.
Marc Andreessen
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