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What Liquido makes: Payments platform optimized for Latin America.
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The digital payments infrastructure in Latin America is lacking. For example, imagine you're a gig economy company building in Latin America. You want to be able to pay out your workers. Well, many of them won't have a bank account. And if they do have a bank account, it might be a friend's bank account that they're sharing. This is a very costly challenge for companies building for Latin America. The number of Latin American startups will continue to explode – and Liquido will be a key enabler of any of those startups that need to route local payments.

Liquido has the expertise for this, as much of the core team previously worked on the core payments infrastructure for DiDi (Uber's largest competitor) in LatAm.

Working at Liquido will expose you to ground level challenges – building payments infrastructure from scratch. Often the benefit of working at a startup is for extra learning, and extra opportunities to take on challenges – Liquido is the extreme end of the spectrum in terms of challenges, in a good way.

If you're an engineer looking for your next thing, we'd encourage you to reach out. This is a large and valuable problem.

If you join a company, my general advice is to join a company on a breakout trajectory.
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There are a bunch of great things that you get when you go to a younger, high-growth company.
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