Local Kitchens

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What Local Kitchens makes: a vertically integrated kitchen platform to help local restaurants scale.
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Pear VC, General Catalyst

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Local Kitchens is building a vertically integrated kitchen platform to help local restaurants scale. What GoPuff is to Instacart, Local Kitchens is to DoorDash. This enables more convenient ordering and greater selection in the suburbs, while helping local chefs survive as the food industry shifts onto the internet.

Local Kitchens offers pickup, delivery, and take out – to provide maximum convenience to customers.

The team is well suited – two of the founders were on the founding team at DoorDash.

For engineers, this is a unique opportunity. Well suited to engineers interested in building things they can see. Being a full stack engineer here means you're going to be in the kitchen, testing the software, and working a cook shift to see how it works. Kitchens are like mini food factories - you will build software to optimize throughput and efficiency in a loud, busy environment.

They are attacking one of the largest consumer markets – food ($900bn annual US spend).

We heard from one engineer that this is the "most prolific engineering team I've ever been a part of". If you want to see what you build and see the systems work together in concert in a kitchen, we strongly suggest applying. Local Kitchens needs engineers who will own everything from design, product requirements, through building and launching and managing the analytics on back end.

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