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What Sisu Data makes: A machine learning powered analytics tool that allows users to understand what happened, why it happened, and what to do about it.
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Andreessen Horowitz, New Enterprise Associates, Green Bay Ventures

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Sisu is the fastest and most comprehensive way to understand what’s changing and why. Without Sisu, companies have to do this manually with large teams of business analysts and data analysts, or using features in Business Intelligence tools that don’t work well for decision making. Plus, this excludes most people in most companies from being able to do useful data analysis.

The key to Sisu is the core engine. Sisu was founded by Peter Bailis. He used to be a professor at Stanford, and his research was on large scale, super fast, resource efficient analytics. Sisu uses large scale hypothesis testing and inference, applied on super high dimensional tables. If you tried to do this using other tools, you’d run out of memory or need to compress or encode the data. Sisu’s core engine makes this high dimensional learning and inference fast.

Working at Sisu allows you to work on interesting and hard technical problems. Problems related to visualizing and presenting information, scaling and performance, and addressing more data and allowing more interesting algorithms to be run on datasets. 

Sisu is well suited for people interested in the performance and scale of distributed systems, people interested in the performance and scaling of databases and data analysis operations, and statistics and math based machine learning — as opposed to black box model type machine learning. Sisu is well suited to people that care about rigor in terms of statistics and engineering design, and people interested in looking at and dealing with data.

You don’t need data analytics exposure before coming in, though. Part of Sisu’s vision is that data analytics is too hard and too exclusionary, and Sisu wants to build a tool where people can find deeper insights without being a data analyst.

If the above resonates with you, we’d suggest reaching out and applying. The company is growing quickly and so is the team.

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